Friday, April 24, 2009

Concert For a Cause 7:: A Concert for Karen 4/22

Jeff Burns of Edwardsville, winner of the autographed Staind guitar!Sound check!
The Silent Treatment rocks the Grand Ballroom

Face paint?
Partying on the Margarita Deck Bar
The Margarita Deck Bar all lit up
Fun in the Streamside Bandstand
The Five Percent in the Streamside Bandstand
The Five Percent
...and more!
Lazy E checking when he has to be on stage
Days Before Tomorrow... the Grand Ballroom!

The guys from Absolution
Joe Nardone Jr. of the Gallery of Sound with Jim Bone
Sellin some T-Shirts

Rachel A Pugh of the Weekender and CFAC Organizer Alan Stout
Jim Bone & Zoey
Kevin of Panacea
Zoey says "Put your X up!"
John Guido Phillips of OurAfter
OurAfter sound check
Chad of OurAfter
Aaron of OurAfter

Panacea on Stage

Some hot girls posing with a guitar

Eric from Crush messin around

Crush fans partying in Club Evolution
Crush sound check in Club Evolution
Stained autographed guitar
McKay displaying the Staind autographed guitar

Bottoms Up!
Sound check!
Sound Board in the Grand Ballroom
Booze Table in the Grand Ballroom
Swag Table in the grand Ballroom
40lb Head in the Grand Ballroom

40LB head
Purchasing raffle tix for the Stained autographed guitar
Lemongelli on Stage

Lazy E says "No Photos, Please"
Destination West in Club Evolution
The Band Brown in The Steamside
Grace's Downfall in Club Evolution
McKay feeling blurry